This GAUS-AG seminar aims to introduce the concept of Bridgeland stability conditions and their applications. It is organized by Jiaming Chen,  Andrei Bud, and Martin Möller (programme).

The seminar will take place in Frankfurt and also be streamed via Zoom every other Thursday (in general) from 15:15-18:00, starting from April 20th, 2023, and will feature two talks per session, more precisely:

  • place: room 711 groß – Robert-Mayer-Straße 10, Frankfurt
  • dates: 20.04, 04.05, 25.05, 01.06, 22.06, 29.06

The goal of this reading seminar is to learn the main tools of Garcia’s paper “Superconnections, theta series, and period domains”, such as superconnections on period domains, as well as the new proof of the modularity of the generating series of (cohomology classes of) special cycles.

It is organized by Jan Hendrik BruinierYingkun Li and Riccardo Zuffetti (programme).

Time: We meet every week on Wednesdays from 13:15 to 14:45, starting from 10th May 2023. The seminar will be held in Darmstadt and will also be streamed via Zoom. Meeting ID is  667 3384 5311, Password on request.

Place:  Darmstadt, room 244 – S2|15, Schlossgartenstraße 7

The goal of this GAUS AG is the geometrization of p-adic cohomology theories with their additional structures, for instance a geometrization of prismatic cohomology together with its additional structures including realization functors to étale cohomology, crystalline cohomology, and de Rham cohomology.

Here you find the program.

Time: Monday: 14:00 (s.t.) — 15:30, starting April 17. It includes a small final workshop in presence on July 10 with three talks and plenty of time for socializing.

Place: Hybrid, TU Darmstadt S2|15 401, and Zoom

Zoom coordinates: Meeting-ID: 624 2150 5417, Kenncode: smallest six digit number divisible by three

The goal of this GAUS-AG is to have a better understanding of vectorial
Drinfeld modular forms over Tate algebras as well as their applications
to Drinfeld modular forms and special values of Dirichlet-Goss

The talks will take place in Heidelberg on Tuesdays between 13:30 and 15:00 starting from April 25th, 2023.

Please refer to the program for further details.

Organizers: Gebhard Böckle and Oguz Gezmis

The goal of this GAUS-AG is to study Condensed Mathematics and applications in p-adic representation theory.

The talks will take place in Heidelberg, INF 205, Seminarraum 8 on Thursdays 11 c.t. starting from April 20th, 2023.

The seminar is organised by Achmin Krause and Rustam Steingart.


The aim of this GAUS AG is to understand the nature of a 6 functor formalism and in particular its interplay with Poincaré duality.

The talks will take place in Heidelberg, INF 205, Seminarraum 8 on Thursdays at 09:30, starting 20th April 2023.

Further details can be found in the program.

Organizers: Christian Dahlhausen and Marius Leonhardt


Mailing list

Please contact Johannes Buck to be added to the mailing list in order to receive the Zoom meeting details.