Definition: A GAUS-AG is a typically semester long (bi-)weekly Arbeitsgemeinschaft with talks by typically GAUS-members aiming to learn together current developments along a coordinated programme. Talks serve multiple purposes with introductory talks laying the foundations of a theory and more advanced talks that dig into technical parts of a new result. Sometimes we invite “the” specialist for the topic of the programme to give a final talk.

During the winter term 23/24, the anabelian GAUS-AG will resume with a topic covering the “applications of the etale fundamental gerbe in anabelian geometry”, essentially covering a selection of results obtained by Giulio Bresciani in the section conjecture.

The AG will meet wednesday afternoon biweekly and alternating between Frankfurt and Heidelberg.

Our meetings have been scheduled so far as follows (all Wednesdays):

18.10.2023 Frankfurt
15.11.2023 Heidelberg
29.11.2024 Frankfurt
13.12.2023 Heidelberg
31.01.2024 Heidelberg
07.02.2024 Frankfurt 

announced also in the GAUS-calendar.

For further details see program.

Organizers: Jakob Stix, Tim Holzschuh and Marcin Lara

The AG will meet every Thursday at 11 (c.t.) in SR8.

The program can be found here.

Organizers: Marlon Kocher, Rustam Steingart

The GAUS AG “Exodromy” studies the eponymous paper by Barwick–Glasman–Haine on their infinity categorical exodromy equivalence. This is a generalization of classical monodromy theory to stratified spaces, with applications to scheme theory via étale topoi.

Time and place: Fridays, 10:15-11:45, Room 05-514 in Mainz


Organizers: Tom Bachmann, Manuel Blickle, Georg Tamme

The goal of the seminar is to provide an introduction to the theory of motives in rigid analytic geometry developed by Ayoub, and to apply it to explain the presence of Frobenii and monodromy operators on p-adic cohomology theories following the work of Binda, Gallauer and Vezzani.

It is organized by Rızacan Ciloglu, Lucas Gerth, Jon Miles, Timo Richarz (programme)

 The seminar takes place in a hybrid format jointly organized by Darmstadt and Frankfurt.
• Thursdays, 15:00 – 16:30 during the winter term 2023/24. No talk on December 07 (Ruth Moufang Lecture) and at some other date, probably in 2024, due to the GAUS colloquium (t.b.a.).
• Start: October 19, end: February 08
• The last session on either Feb 01 or Feb 08 (depending on the GAUS colloquium) is a double session with 2 talks between 14:00 – 18:00. Afterwards there will be a joint dinner. Details will be announced later.
• The seminar will take place in Darmstadt, Room S215 244.
• Zoom meeting ID: 612 2072 7363, Password: Largest six digit prime number.

Place: Heidelberg (and online)
Time: Fridays 9-11

The program can be found here

Organizers: Gebhard Böckle, Oguz Gezmis, Judith Ludwig