Definition: A GAUS-AG is a typically semester long (bi-)weekly Arbeitsgemeinschaft with talks by typically GAUS-members aiming to learn together current developments along a coordinated programme. Talks serve multiple purposes with introductory talks laying the foundations of a theory and more advanced talks that dig into technical parts of a new result. Sometimes we invite “the” specialist for the topic of the programme to give a final talk.

During the summer term 2024, the anabelian GAUS-AG has the title “One representation to rule them all” or “Geometric Galois representations of number fields and where to find them”. We will study the preprint “Universality of the Galois action on the fundamental group of P^1-{0, 1, ∞}” by Alexander Petrov, see .

The AG will meet Thursday afternoon 14:00-17:00 approximately biweekly in Frankfurt, in room 711 groß, with two talks per meeting. We start May 2, and the remaining dates can be found in the GAUS-calendar.

Organizers: Magnus Carlson and Jakob Stix

For further details see the program.

The AG takes place in a hybrid format jointly organized by Darmstadt and Mainz.

• Tuesdays, 14:00 – 15:30 during the summer term 2024.
• Start date: April 16, end date: July 16

The program can be found here.

Organizers: Timo Richarz and Georg Tamme

The AG takes place in Heidelberg.

• Thursdays, 11:00 (c.t.) – 13:00 during the summer term 2024.
Start date: 18.4.2024, End date: 25.7.2024
Heidelberg Mathematikon, SR 8 and online via Zoom

Meeting ID: 812 7339 8429
Passcode: 123456

The program can be found here.

Organizers: Otmar Venjakob, Max Witzelsperger

Our goal is to have a better understanding of V. Lafforgue’s seminal paper on the global Langlands program where he introduced a highly interesting approach to the “arithmetic to Galois” side for reductive groups over global function fields.

The seminar will take place on Fridays 9-11am in the room SR8 (tentatively) of Mathematikon in Heidelberg. The initial plan is to start with our first talk on April 26th, Friday at 9am. The Zoom meeting details will be provided later.

Organizers: Gebhard Böckle, Oguz Gezmis, Alireza Shavali and Sriram C. Venkata

For further details see the program.

The GAUS-AG on purity for flat cohomology will discuss a paper by Cesnavicius and Scholze [1912.10932] Purity for flat cohomology (

The AG takes place in Heidelberg.

Thursdays 09:00-11:00  during the summer term 2024
Start date: 02.05.2024, End date: 18.07.2024

Heidelberg Mathematikon, room tba.

Organizers: Amine Koubaa

For further Details see the program.