Job opportunities

First Funding Period : 07/2021 – 06/2025

10 postdoc positions (PDoc) / 20 doctoral student positions (PhD)

  • Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

associated institutions

  • Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • Technische Universität München

Within this CRC, 22 individual projects will be funded. The funding comprises 10 full-time postdoctoral positions (PDoc) and 20 positions for doctoral students (PhD). Payment is based on the German TVL-13 scale if terms and conditions under collective bargaining laws are fulfilled. PhD students will be given 75% positions.

For the postdoctoral positions we are seeking candidates holding a very good PhD in one of the areas relevant to the particular project. For the doctoral student positions we are seeking highly qualified candidates holding an M.Sc. or equivalent degree with a background suitable for one of the projects.

The CRC provides an excellent infrastructure for training and research in an internationally visible network. We offer support for international students and postdocs. The positions will be based at the universities of the project leader(s) of the relevant projects. Many of the projects are based at more than one university.

How to apply

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application with the usual documents (cover letter, CV) in German or English (please in one .pdf file, max. 5 MB)  and including the following:

  • for PhD:  you are asked to state your personal research interests and to name possible supervisors and CRC-projects.
  • for PDoc: a list of publications, a research plan and indications of their preferred CRC-projects, supervisor and location.

Applications  should be sent electronically to the spokesperson of the SFB Transregio Jakob Stix at and also directly to the relevant project leader.

Late applications will be considered until all positions are filled.

Open positions within the CRC by project

Part A: Moduli spaces and automorphic forms
A01: Teichmüller geometry of the moduli space 1 PDoc, 1 PhD M. Möller (Frankfurt)
A02: Non archimedean and tropical geometry of moduli spaces 1 PDoc, 1 PhD M. Möller (Frankfurt)
M. Ulirsch (Frankfurt)
A. Werner (Frankfurt)
A03: Non-archimedean skeletons and Newton-Okounkov bodies 1 PDoc A. Küronya (Frankfurt)
M. Ulirsch (Frankfurt)
A04: Green currents on Shimura varieties 1 PhD (Darmstadt) J. H. Bruinier (Darmstadt)
St. Müller-Stach (Mainz, associated)
A05: Expansion and rationality of theta integrals 1 PhD Y. Li (Darmstadt)
A06: Automorphic forms and vertex operator algebras 1 PDoc, 1 PhD N. Scheithauer (Darmstadt)
A07: Cusp forms on Drinfeld period domains 1 PDoc, 1 PhD G. Böckle (Heidelberg)
A08: Geodesic cycles and modular forms 1 PDoc (Darmstadt)
1 PhD (Frankfurt)
J. H. Bruinier (Darmstadt)
M. Möller (Frankfurt)
A09: Effective global generation for uniformized varieties 1 PhD A. Küronya (Frankfurt)
J. Stix (Frankfurt)

Part B: Galois representations and étale invariants

B01: Higher dimensional anabelian geometry 1 PDoc (Frankfurt)
1 PhD (Heidelberg)
A. Schmidt (Heidelberg)
J. Stix (Frankfurt)
B02: Galois representations in anabelian geometry 1 PhD J. Stix (Frankfurt)
B03: Motivic local systems of Calabi-Yau type 1 PhD D. van Straten (Mainz)
B04: Images of Galois representations and deformations 1 PhD G. Böckle (Heidelberg)
B05: Iwasawa cohomology of Galois representations 1 PDoc, 1 PhD O. Venjakob (Heidelberg)
B06: L-packets of p-adic automorphic forms 1 PhD J. Ludwig (Heidelberg)
B07: Motives and the Langlands programme 1 PhD T. Richarz (Darmstadt)

Part C: Cohomological structure and degeneration in positive characteristic

C01: Tame cohomology of schemes and adic spaces 1 PDoc, 1 PhD K. Hübner (Heidelberg)
A. Schmidt (Heidelberg) 
C02: Duality with Frobenius and Fp-étale cohomology 1 PhD (Mainz) M. Blickle (Mainz)
G. Böckle (Heidelberg) 
C03: Derived and prismatic F-zips 1 PDoc (Darmstadt) T. Wedhorn (Darmstadt)
M. Blickle (Mainz)
C04: Motives for shtukas and Shimura varieties 1 PhD (Darmstadt) T. Richarz (Darmstadt)
E. Viehmann (München)
T. Wedhorn (Darmstadt) 
C05: Strata and tautological classes for compactifications of Shimura varieties 1 PhD T. Wedhorn (Darmstadt)
C06: p-adic degeneration of vector bundles 1 PhD A. Werner (Frankfurt)