Workshops and Block Courses

Workshops 2021

Workshop on Linear Algebraic Groups (Wedhorn)

Date: September 27 – October 8

Location: Via Zoom. Please contact Torsten Wedhorn if you are interested in participating.

In this workshop we will learn in condensed form about linear algebraic groups over an algebraically closed field. Topics include:

  1. Algebraic Groups and basic constructions with algebraic groups
  2. Multiplicative Groups, unipotent groups, solvable groups
  3. Reductive groups, Maximal tori, Borel subgroups, parabolic groups
  4. Classification of reductive groups via based root data

Workshop on Non-Archimedean and tropical Geometry (Ulirsch, Werner)

Date: biweekly, starting October 1

Location: Via Zoom.

Details: Webpage