Preprint 11/2022

Patrick Bieker

Compactification of level maps of moduli spaces of Drinfeld shtukas


Preprint 10/2022

Gebhard Böckle, Tony Feng, Michael Harris, Chandrashekhar Khare, Jack A. Thorne

Cyclic base change of cuspidal automorphic representations over function fields


Preprint 09/2022

Ananyo Dan, Inder Kaur

Hodge conjecture for the moduli space of semi-stable sheaves over a nodal curve


Preprint 08/2022

Christian Johansson, Judith Ludwig

Endoscopy on SL2-eigenvarieties


Preprint 07/2022

L. Alexander Betts, Jakob Stix

Galois sections and p-adic period mappings


Preprint 06/2022

Jan H. Bruinier, Yingkun Li, Tonghai Yang

Deformations of theta integrals and a conjecture of Gross-Zagier


Preprint 05/2022

Dawei Chen, Matteo Costantini, Martin Möller

On the Kodaira dimension of moduli spaces of Abelian differentials


Preprint 04/2022

Thibaud van den Hove

Quasi-isogeny groups of supersingular abelian surfaces via pro-étale fundamental groups


Preprint 03/2022

Riccardo Zuffetti

Cones of special cycles of codimension 2 on orthogonal Shimura varieties


Preprint 02/2022

Johannes Horn, Martin Möller

Compactifying the rank two Hitchin system via spectral data on semistable curves


Preprint 01/2022

Johannes Anschütz, Ian Gleason, João Lourenço, Timo Richarz

On the p-adic theory of local models


Preprint 19/2021

Tommaso Centeleghe, Jakob Stix

Categories of abelian varieties over finite fields II: Abelian varieties over Fq and Morita equivalence


Preprint 18/2021

Gabriele Bogo

Modular forms, deformation of punctured spheres, and extensions of symmetric tensor representations


Preprint 17/2021

Gabriele Bogo

Accessory parameters for four-punctured spheres


Preprint 16/2021

Tamir Hemo, Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Constructible sheaves on schemes and a categorical Künneth formula


Preprint 15/2021

Sven Möller, Nils R. Scheithauer

A geometric classification of the holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24


Preprint 14/2021

Alexander Schmidt

Homotopy invariance of tame homotopy groups of regular schemes


Preprint 13/2021

Paul Kiefer

Orthogonal Eisenstein Series at Harmonic Points and Modular Forms of Singular Weight


Preprint 12/2021

Gebhard Böckle, Ashwin Iyengar, Vytautas Paškūnas

On local Galois deformation rings


Preprint 11/2021

Paul Kiefer

Orthogonal Eisenstein Series and Theta Lifts


Preprint 10/2021

Bertrand Rémy, Amaury Thuillier, Annette Werner

An intrinsic characterization of Bruhat-Tits buildings inside analytic groups


Preprint 09/2021

Felix Röhrle and Johannes Schwab

Realizability of tropical pluri-canonical divisors


Preprint 08/2021

Gebhard Böckle, Chandrashekhar B. Khare, Jeffrey Manning

Wiles defect of Hecke algebras via local-global argument


Preprint 07/2021

Patrick Bieker

Invariants for the Weil representation and modular units for orthogonal groups of signature (2,2)


Preprint 06/2021

Margarida Melo, Samouil Molcho, Martin Ulirsch, Filippo Viviani

Tropicalization of the universal Jacobian

arXiv: 2108.04711

Preprint 05/2021

Ben Heuer, Lucas Mann, Annette Werner

The p-adic Corlette–Simpson correspondence for abeloids

arXiv: 2107.09403

Preprint 04/2021

Alex Küronya, Pedro Souza, Martin Ulirsch

Tropicalization of toric prevarieties

arXiv: 2107.03139

Preprint 03/2021

Gebhard Böckle, Sara Arias-de-Reyna

Deformation rings and images of Galois representations

arXiv: 2107.03114

Preprint 02/2021

Alex J. Best, L. Alexander Betts, Theresa Kumpitsch, Martin Lüdtke, Angus W. McAndrew, Lie Qian, Elie Studnia, Yujie Xu

Refined Selmer equations for the thrice-punctured line in depth two

arXiv: 2106.10145

Preprint 01/2021

Hélène Esnault, Vasudevan Srinivas and Jakob Stix

An obstruction to lifting to characteristic 0

arXiv: 2106.08381