Definition: A GAUS-Seminar  is a recurring event within the GAUS-network at which the speaker presents current research. Speakers can be outside guests or GAUS-members. GAUS-Seminars are organized within a series that carries a more precise name.

Recurring GAUS-Seminars

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays, usually from 16:00 to 17:00 (German time, CET) via zoom. The meetings start 15 minutes before the talk with a short coffee break. For further information see the specific seminar homepage.

Claire Burrin (University of Zurich)
Luis García (University College London)
Yingkun Li (TU Darmstadt)
Riccardo Zuffetti (TU Darmstadt)

This is a research seminar, broadly in the area of non-archimedean geometry, in which we invite internal and external speakers to take about their current projects. It takes place on Tuesdays from 2-4 pm.

For further information and a list of talks, see the seminar homepage.

Annette Werner, Katharina Hübner, Ben Heuer
(Goethe University Frankfurt)

The seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 16:00 to 17:00 on zoom. For further information and list of talks see the GAUS Calendar.

Katharina Hübner, Alex Küronya, Martin Möller, Jakob Stix, Martin Ulirsch, Annette Werner
(Goethe University Frankfurt)

The seminar takes place approx. every 2nd Thursday 14:15 to 15:15 in the Hilbertraum, Mainz. For further information and list of talks see the seminar homepage.

Manuel Blickle, Ariyan Javanpeykar, Manfred Lehn, Moritz Rahn, Georg Tamme
(Gutenberg University Mainz)

The seminar takes place on Fridays from 13:30 to 15:00 in the MATHEMATIKON, SR A. For further information see the list of talks.

Alexander Schmidt (University Heidelberg)

This is a research seminar jointly organized by Sabrina Pauli, Timo Richarz and Torsten Wedhorn (Technical University of Darmstadt) (programme)

Fridays, 15:30-17:00 (MET) during the semester.

Room S 215 401 and via Zoom (635 7328 0984, Password: smallest six digit prime).

This is a series of virtual Mini-Workshops on Tropical Geometry and neighboring areas. It takes place approximately once a month on Friday afternoon from 2-5:30 pm. For further information and a list of talks, see the seminar homepage.

Andreas Gross, Martin Ulirsch
(Goethe University Frankfurt)

The Seminar on Conformal Field Theory is devoted to the different aspects of conformal field theory. This includes Lie algebras, vertex algebras, representation theory, automorphic forms etc. It takes place once per semester alternately in Darmstadt, Erlangen and Dublin. The next seminar is on January 19, 2024 in Darmstadt. For more information see the seminar webpage

Nils Scheithauer, Peter Fiebig and Katrin Wendland

Past GAUS-Seminars

The event, originally scheduled to take place at the Institut für Mathematik of the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main in 2020, has been replaced by a series of online talks between October and December 2021. More specifically, the seminars take place online on Zoom or in a hybrid format every other Friday afternoon (Central European Time) starting at the beginning of October. For further information see the seminar homepage.

Lorenzo Fantini (École Polytechnique, Paris), Martin Ulirsch (Goethe University Frankfurt), Annette Werner (Goethe University Frankfurt)

This GAUS-Seminar covers topics in moduli spaces of (decorated) sheaves and neighboring areas. For each meeting of this GAUS workshop series there will be 3 talks starting with a survey talk to get everybody on board followed by two talks about recent developments. The one day workshops will be organized in hybrid format: you can either join in person at Frankfurt university or via zoom (a zoomlink will be distributed close to the individual meetings). Some of the speakers will give an online talk, some of them will be present in person.

You can find more information one the workshop webpage.

Barbara Bolognese, Johannes Horn, Inder Kaur
(Goethe University Frankfurt)