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A general view on multiple zeta values, modular forms and related q-series

July 4, 2023 at 16:0017:00 CEST

International Seminar on Automorphic Forms

Annika Burmester (Bielefeld University)

Multiple zeta values and modular forms have a deep, partly mysterious, connection. This can be seen in the Broadhurst-Kreimer conjecture, which was made partly explicit by Gangl-Kaneko-Zagier in 2006. Further, multiple zeta values occur in the Fourier expansion of multiple Eisenstein series as computed by Bachmann. We will study this connection in more details on a formal level. This means, we review formal multiple zeta values and then introduce the algebra G^f, which should be seen as a formal version of multiple Eisenstein series, and also multiple q-zeta values and polynomial functions on partitions simultaneously. We will give a surjective algebra morphism from G^f into the algebra of formal multiple zeta values.

You can join the Zoom meeting at https://tu-darmstadt.zoom.us/j/68048280736

The password is the first Fourier coefficient of the modular j-function (as digits).


July 4, 2023
16:00 – 17:00 CEST


Claire Burrin
Christina Röhrig
Yingkun Li
Riccardo Zuffetti